How do I connect to my suite wifi?

Elevate tenants have their own wifi username and password. These credentials can be found in your Elevate account.

On the Elevate website...

  • Signin to the Elevate Portal (ask your Property Manager for an invite if you don't already have an account)
  • Click on Account in the top navigation
  • Find the wifi login credentials under Wifi Access

On your device...

  • Find and select the ElevateOffice wifi network
  • Enter your username and password and connect

If you have problems connecting, try these things first:

  • Restart the device
  • Confirm that the device is not in Airplane Mode and that wifi is turned on
  • Confirm your username and password
  • If you are on Windows 7, follow this guide
  • If you have a device that does not support WPA2-Enterprise (some smart TVs, Kindles, etc.), read this guide