Elevate Brownsburg Hires Property Manager

April 18, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – Elevate Brownsburg announced today the addition of Kristen Yilmaz as the community’s Property Manager. With leasing in full swing and an expected opening in mid-May, Yilmaz will manage all leasing, tenant relations, and building operations. 

“The property manager plays an important role in the success of our communities, and Kristen is already a great ambassador for the new members of Elevate Brownsburg,” said Scott Baldwin, Elevate Office President. At Elevate Office, the property manager is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the more than 100 suites ($399-$999/Month), four conference rooms, and a co-working facility. Yilmaz will manage the leasing process and actively cultivate community relationships among the tenants to promote a high-level of retention.

Yilmaz joins the team as an experienced property manager in the multi-family industry with a varied background in community engagement and tenant relations. She currently resides, close by, in Brownsburg with her fiancé and three children.

Construction continues on Elevate Brownsburg with a substantial completion date of mid-May. Leasing is currently underway and includes an inventory of a variety of sized office suites, focus suites customized with additional sound proofing located within a quiet corridor, and beauty and wellness suites plumbed with water access and increased electrical. Suite size and location varies, and individuals and/or businesses interested in membership should inquire as soon as possible to ensure optimal suite location.

Elevate Office Suites create a hub of business opportunity for cities and towns like Brownsburg. The 21st century office space attracts local businesses and entrepreneurs such as tech start-ups, law offices, stylist, and consulting and professional services. To help further a healthy, entrepreneurial ecosystem, Elevate Office Suites offers flexible month to month leasing, fiber infrastructure for advanced technology, opportunities for co-working, and a supportive community—all in one building.