A Connected Community

March 25, 2020

In a time when “social distancing” has become a regular part of our daily vocabulary, let’s talk about ways to stay connected. Connection is at the heart of the human experience, not just at home with friends and family, but in the workspace too. 

According to a recent Gallup poll, an engaged workplace is higher-performing, enjoys less turnover, and is more profitable. Translating that to your Elevate Office Suites experience; we know that fostering a more connected environment at our locations can build a more successful community of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Connecting isn’t just meeting. Establishing connection among our members and tenants means offering ways to collaborate meaningfully, provide quality feedback, and network regularly. Below are a few ways the Elevate Office communities are working to foster connection. 

Social media. Liking, sharing, and tagging your Elevate Office community members on social media is an easy way to show support for each other’s business and to help build followers. In addition, there are Facebook Groups for each location so that members and tenants can easily collaborate, celebrate wins, and promote their businesses. 

Elevate Office uses social media in a variety of ways, one of which is to highlight our tenants and members. Make sure you follow Elevate Office and tag your location in social media posts and your Elevate Office will be sure to share.      

Surveys. Elevate Office will occasionally send surveys to tenants and members via email. We encourage you to respond to these surveys and offer up feedback--good and bad. Make sure to include others in your suites. This feedback is crucial to helping create a better workspace for you and future Elevate Office Suites members.   

Networking meet-ups. Once a month Elevate Office Suites will host relaxed meet-ups for tenants and guests to network and get to know each other. Currently scheduled for the third (Elevate Brownsburg) and fourth (Elevate Westerville) Thursday of each month, starting at 4 p.m., the meet-ups are the perfect way to unwind toward the end of the work week, network with other professionals, and still be home in time for dinner. Be on the look-out for more information about these events.  

Newsletters. The first issue of Elevate Brownsburg/Westerville’s quarterly e-newsletter will drop in March. Do you have news to share with the group? Perhaps you have a thought leadership piece from which other tenants could benefit. Share with your Property Manager so we can share with the Elevate Network.