Emerging Trends Post COVID-19 Shutdown

May 29, 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives, as we all know. Normal life, post COVID-19 shutdown, is still coming into focus for most businesses and entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, new trends in coworking and the office space environment will evolve and, in some ways, have already started to emerge as we make our way back to work. 

At Elevate Office Suite locations in Ohio and Indiana, there has been an uptick in office suite leasing and inquiries. As we have seen some suite turnover, especially among some of the hardest-hit industries like salons and spas, new stylists have lined up to lease those suites without any lapse in monthly occupancy. 

In many instances, Elevate Office’s private isolated office suites are an affordable option for big businesses, small business owners, and entrepreneurs for various reasons. Below are a few things we’ve heard from new tenants and learned in the last couple of weeks. 

“Our workers have got to work somewhere.” A driver in office suites leasing currently is big business, including financial institutions that are considered essential. Recently, at the Brownsburg, Indiana location, a global banking industry leader looked to Elevate Office suites to help keep employees functioning at a safe, social distance under one roof. The institution found that their high-density, open concept office did not allow for safe working conditions and that employees felt safer in isolated, private offices.

Emerging trend: As we navigate our way back to work and plan for the future, businesses may find it helpful to employ satellite office locations to distribute teams and/or offer up workspace options for the new remote workforce. Taking this step can help manage this crisis now and during the transition back to work, as well as limit any future disruptions. 

“I need options for remote work.” Working from home certainly has its perks, until it doesn’t. Research shows that working from home will continue at a much higher frequency than before COVID-19. However, for many working from home on a daily basis can be a productivity challenge, especially now that the household is full while we isolate from the outbreak. Prospective tenants have come to Elevate Office looking for a flexible office option away from home that doesn’t require too much overhead and remains safer than the coffee shops or lobbies they would frequent in the past. 

Emerging trend: Small business owners, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs that previously worked from co-working spaces, coffee shops, home offices, and/or lobbies will migrate towards affordable and flexible office space that provides a safe, private place to work. Office suites are a proven solution that will mitigate the risks of any future disruptions. 

“Community is important.” As we’ve been isolating in our homes during COVID-19, many have come to realize how important community is to our daily lives. When locating an office in a building like Elevate Office, you are joining a collaborative and supportive group of business owners and entrepreneurs. This type of built-in support structure can be helpful during times of crisis. We have seen tenants patronize other tenants’ businesses, support each other online, and collaborate on best practices and ways to be helpful to the community.        

Emerging trend: While isolating, workers and business leaders have recognized the power of socialization at the workplace in their daily lives. As we get back to work, locating your work operation in a place that allows for collaboration and social activities while having a private office to retreat to safely will become an important factor to consider. 

There is no doubt that we are in uncharted territory and likely still heading towards a new normal. One thing is for certain, office suite communities like Elevate Office Suites are uniquely suited to accommodate the needs of our changing landscape. 

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