Five ways our Elevate Network uses the Conference Rooms at Elevate Office

Five ways our Elevate Network uses the Conference Rooms at Elevate Office

September 28, 2020

In a 2020 survey of our Elevate Office entrepreneurs and business owners, the building amenity that topped their list as a deciding factor in selecting Elevate Office to grow their business was the conference rooms. 

Each Elevate Office location includes up to four conference rooms of various sizes, including a Think Tank. The high-tech conference rooms are equipped with virtual conference capabilities, wireless presenting tools, and telecommunication tools to ensure roomwide meeting participation. With the lease of a suite at Elevate Office, entrepreneurs get up to 20 hours of conference room use each month, and coworkers get up to 10 hours of use. Scheduling is all app-based and available first come, first scheduled. 

The Elevate Network of entrepreneurs and business owners use the conference rooms in a variety of ways: 

Professional services. Elevate Office is home to a multitude of professional service businesses, including lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, etc. The conference rooms are the perfect place to host a deposition or real estate closing. Because of the room size these meetings can be done in person with social-distancing guidelines in place or virtually with the use of the room technology. 

Workshops or seminars. Creative entrepreneurs at Elevate Office use the large conference rooms to host classes or workshops to support their businesses. For example, a crafting business at Elevate Westerville has expanded their business offerings by regularly hosting group workshops for customers using their products. In another example, a salon owner at Elevate Brownsburg hosted a client open house to introduce and promote a new product line. 

Team meetings. Many organizations have leased private suites at Elevate Office for satellite office locations. In other cases, Elevate Network members are independent business owners, yet part of a larger organization. The conference rooms are perfect for bringing regional teams together for meetings or training. For example, a real estate group that is part of a larger organization has a branch at an Elevate Office. They often host meetings with other realtors in their organization in the larger conference rooms. 

Networking events. The conference rooms at Elevate Office locations have been used regularly for networking events. From larger gatherings hosted by local chamber groups to smaller meet-ups of like-minded business owners, the conference rooms are the perfect setting for collaborating with your peers.  

Special events. The Elevate Office conference rooms are large enough to host a variety of special events. In Westerville, a professional photographer regularly hosts headshot events--inviting professionals from the community for quick and easy headshots sessions. In Brownsburg, a group of Elevate Network entrepreneurs joined together to create a shopping event on Shop Small Saturday with each business taking a conference room to showcase their product offerings to the public. Truly, the possibilities are endless. 

Elevate Office locations are inspiring, functional workspaces with vibrant interiors. Modern and professional, our communities offer the perfect setting and flexibility your business needs to grow from coworking to private office suites to the conference rooms. 

Schedule a tour today to check out the conference rooms for yourself and learn more about our entrepreneurial communities.