Elevate Westerville: Two Years In and Thriving

Elevate Westerville: Two Years In and Thriving

June 30, 2021

Elevate Offices was founded in 2016 by veteran entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. In June of 2019, Elevate Westerville opened its doors. In the two years since, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups have elevated their businesses throughout Westerville and beyond.

Elevate Westerville offers a modern space to do business without the hassle of expensive overhead costs. With 150 suites, four high-tech conference rooms, and a co-working space, it is the perfect spot to relocate or start your business. Along with your suite, Elevate Westerville gives you access to all-inclusive amenities that make elevating your office that much easier. From on-site management to business grade wifi & internet access, you have it all.

Not only that, but you can truly make the space yours. Take Salted Basics for example. Salted Basic took our standard office suite model and completely made that space theirs by expanding across multiple suites and putting their eye for design to great use. Now, not only do they have their own unique space, the small business also has the experience of owning a business at Elevate Westerville where we take care of the day-to-day so you can focus solely on your business ventures!

“A project like Elevate Office Suites in Westerville creates a quality work option that is attractive to young talent, seasoned entrepreneurs, and small business owners,” said Scott Baldwin, Principal and Owner of Envoy Companies and Elevate Office. This has proven itself true as Elevate Westerville has grown immensely over the last two years. Comprising of just under 150 tenants, it has transformed into the thriving community you see today. Our business owners and creative entrepreneurs are the reason for this success!

To celebrate the Elevate Network and our two year anniversary, we had a week full of "Thank You!" We started off our Monday with bagels and, of course, coffee to get that little pep in our step. From there we had a pizza party and a gift card giveaway! To end the week we had an afternoon ice cream social with locally-owned Whit’s Frozen Custard.

We are so proud of how Elevate Westerville has grown in the community and beyond over the last two years. It’s the Elevate Network that makes it the thriving community it is today. Thank you to our tenants for being so special!

If you are interested in growing your business with Elevate, contact Lynn today for additional information.