Everyone Deserves A Massage

July 21, 2021

Everyone deserves a massage! So much so that today is National Everyone Deserves A Massage Day.

Here at Elevate Office, we know that every massage therapy business has different needs. Some businesses need a standard office suite, some need a salon suite with plumbing and additional electrical support, some might even want a micro-retail suite! Each membership option has specific features that will help you elevate your business based on your wants.

Many of the massage therapists in the Elevate Network typically find themselves in one of our focus suites. Focus suites have sound-proofing insulation and are located in a designated quiet wing of the building. This creates the perfect zen space that allows clients the ultimate relaxation experience.

Are you interested in growing your business or expanding to another location? Check out our rates and locations below and contact us for additional information!

Westerville, Ohio: Focus suites start at $699/mo.

Brownsburg, Indiana: Focus suites start at $604/mo.

Clarksville, Indiana at Bolt+ Tie: Focus suites start at $499/mo.

What better way to celebrate National Everyone Deserves a Massage Day than to visit one of the massage therapists in the Elevate Network? Check out our roster of amazing tenants and schedule a massage today!

Elevate Office in Westerville, Ohio

Amanda Mowry, LMT in Suite 227

DK Motivations and Massage - David Kuhn LMT in Suite 241

Dana Rae Massage in Suite 221

Empowered Wellness Massage Therapy in Suite 272

The Bod Lab | Massage Therapy in Suite 246

The Sycamore Massage & Bodywork, LLC in Suite 242


Elevate Office in Brownsburg, Indiana

Morrison Massage Therapy in Suite 252

Masterson Massage Therapy in Suite 253

Relax Therapeutic Massage in Suite 254

Massage by Sharie in Suite 257