Tenant Highlight: Voltage Barber Shop

Tenant Highlight: Voltage Barber Shop

July 21, 2021

Elevate Office Suites boast a diverse mix of small businesses and entrepreneurs at our locations across Indiana and Ohio. We have various options that make sure your space works for your unique business. From salon suites, focus suites, and office suites, we have something made just for you. At Elevate Bolt + Tie, the membership options continue with 12 micro-retail suites that begin at $999/mo. The possibilities really are endless on how you can make this space your own.

Take Kam Shofner, Owner of Voltage Barber Shop, for example. Voltage Barber Shop has elevated their business and completely made their retail salon suite their own. Shofner began cutting hair in Jeffersonville over ten years ago. He has cut in multiple shops within the downtown area. During this time, he got to know the area and fell in love with the community. When the idea of opening his own shop came into play, he knew this was the area in which he wanted to be. Enter Elevate at Bolt + Tie!

Bolt + Tie officially opened its doors in the Spring of 2021. Since then, countless residents have moved into their apartment homes located upstairs along with the suites at Elevate Office located on the first floor. The unique live-work community has created a thriving entrepreneurial hub in South Clarksville.

Voltage Barber Shop opened in May 2021. The name stemming from matching tattoos Shofner and his wife share. Plus, as Shofner points out, it just sounds cool! Together, they designed and decorated the shop. “Between thrifting, splurging, and incorporating decor from our home, the shop design came together organically, and I think it’s a perfect depiction of my personality. From the custom-made lights and the array of colors and designs. The artist side of me just spills out into my shop everywhere you look,” Shofner shares.

Thanks to Voltage Barber Shop for supplying the pictures for today’s #TenantHighlight! Like what you’ve seen? Check them out at Elevate Bolt + Tie in Suite 107 or online at voltagebarbershop.com.

Check back for monthly tenant highlights. You can follow Voltage Barber Shop on Instagram to view more of their shop!