Elevate Coworking: More for Less

Elevate Coworking: More for Less

August 25, 2021

At Elevate Office, we know that your business needs vary. Some business owners need a retail store-front, some might need a salon suite that has plumbing, while others need a sound-proof focus suite. It’s great to have so many options when taking the first step to elevate your business. One of our most rewarding and most affordable membership options is premium coworking.

Coworking is an open concept arrangement where different entrepreneurs share an open office space. If your business isn’t quite ready for an office suite, this type of membership is the perfect first step. There is a long list of benefits to coworking for your small business or start-up. Coworking reduces business costs, has flexibility that you can’t always find in an office suite, offers built-in networking, acts as a launchpad for gaining new skill sets, and boosts productivity.

Along with those benefits, premium coworking memberships at Elevate Office offer the all-inclusive building amenities. This includes ten hours of conference room use, a mailbox and business address, 24/7 access to the building, and access to a secure, fiber network. Many of which you can’t find at other coworking or office suite locations!

Even better, once you have joined the Elevate Network you not only have access to your home Elevate Office location, but you can take advantage of coworking and conference room space at our other locations as well!

Elevate Office Coworking Locations

Brownsburg Premium Coworking: $99/mo.

Bolt + Tie (Clarksville) Premium Coworking: $99/mo.

Westerville Premium Coworking: $129/mo.

Are you interested in coworking alongside the great small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-starters of the Elevate Network? Contact us today to get started!