Elevate Office at Bolt + Tie: Location, Location, Location!

Elevate Office at Bolt + Tie: Location, Location, Location!

October 19, 2021

When it comes to finding a place to grow your business, there are many things to consider. Price, size, location, and more! At Elevate Office Suites we have you covered on all fronts. Today however, let’s highlight our location.

When it came to the location of this Elevate Office, we knew it had to be perfect. It needed to be somewhere that creates the opportunity for businesses to elevate. Which is why we are so proud to call Bolt + Tie in South Clarksville our home. Being located on the first floor of a thriving live-work community and in the everchanging town of Clarksville has many perks like the proximity to large neighboring cities and the plans for development in the area.

In addition, building on the success of Water Tower Square, Bolt + Tie is the first completed development in the new South Clarksville Downtown Redevelopment plan. In the months since our opening, public infrastructure improvements have continued, additional mixed-use projects have been announced that will add more population and business opportunity to the district. You can learn more about the upcoming developments and its impact on growing businesses here.

Venturing out of our Water Tower Square neighborhood, you won’t have to travel very far for your next business development opportunity. Elevate Bolt + Tie is set on the Ohio River in South Clarksville. Our community is only two minutes from downtown Louisville, Kentucky, 10 minutes from the Louisville International Airport, and under five minutes from three major interstates. Our location truly makes expanding your business to different areas and your daily commutes that much easier!

Last and certainly not least are the customers located right upstairs. Yes, you read that correctly. Remember, we’re located inside of the newest live-work community in South Clarksville which means you have built-in customers right upstairs. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a loyal customer network right outside your door.

To learn more about joining the Elevate Network visit our website or schedule a tour today. Trust us, you’re going to love it here!