Tenant Highlight: Amaryllis Salon

Tenant Highlight: Amaryllis Salon

March 8, 2022

At Elevate Office Suites our goal is to help you elevate your business. Between our flexible leasing, all-inclusive amenities, and thriving community, we take care of things behind the scenes so you can focus on just that. Whether you start in co-working and move up to an office suite or start in a salon and move into a micro-retail suite. Elevate is set up to allow you to grow without limitations.

That’s just what happened with Amaryllis Hair Salon, formerly To Dye For Hair, at Elevate Bolt + Tie. Salon owner, Laci Riley, moved her salon into a salon suite and just a short six months later she is moving down the hall and expanding to a retail salon space. Laci has been around hair and makeup her entire life as she grew up competing in beauty pageants. It wasn’t much of a surprise when she decided to go into the beauty world professionally. Her journey started when she enrolled in Paul Mitchell The School in Louisville in 2011. After graduating she spent roughly two years working in a luxury salon in Louisville. She was ready for a change and moved across the country to Los Angeles, California and pursued her dream of being a makeup artist in the film industry. She eventually moved back to Louisville and brought all of her knowledge and experience along with her. After working in a few salons, she then decided to take the leap and open To Dye For Hair Boutique in Louisville in August of 2020. 

A year later, Laci and her business partner, Sydney toured Elevate Bolt + Tie. They fell in love with the space and decided to take the next step and moved into a salon suite. However, they knew this was just the beginning. “When we moved to our first suite at Bolt + Tie, we knew it was time to get down to business. We knew we needed to create the best experiences for our guests, so we hunkered down on our processes, and growing our presence on social media, etc.,” Laci continued, “We believed that the universe would make a retail suite available for us when we and the salon were ready to handle it. I know a lot of people don’t believe in manifestation and such, but that's what we did. When we signed our lease in September, we manifested that we would be ready and a retail space would be available in 6 months. Monday, January 10, 2022 we got the notice that retail suite 102 was available and we had first dibs on claiming it. It was meant to be.”

The beauty of having a space at Elevate Office is that you can truly make the space your own. Amaryllis is doing just that with their new store front. From painting a mural and hanging photos to creating their own plant sanctuary. They have branded their space to further the customer experience while growing their clientele. You can too!

Laci shares a piece of advice for business owners like herself, “Be like Nike and Just Do It. Our biggest hurdle is ourselves. Our minds are constantly trying to protect us and keep us safe from the unknown. Money will always come back to you, and if you want something bad enough you will always find a way to make it happen. I am a firm believer in honesty, and transparency which our guests have learned to expect and love. They know that they are getting a quality, luxurious, relaxing experience with no surprises at the end when it comes to price. I believe everything happens for a reason and if you set your intentions, work hard, and have a good support system, you can do anything you set your mind to.”

If you’re ready to start the journey of elevating your salon just like Laci, contact us today to learn more about our availability, our rates, and how we can help you reach your goals! 

Want to visit Amaryllis Hair Salon? Visit them in their new space! They specialize in customized dimensional color and 100% human remy beaded weft hair extensions. They are offering $25 off to anyone who reads this post! Just mention that you found them through Bolt + Tie.